1. For a light-hearted start.
  2. A cyclist unimpressed by the cash-for-clunkers program.
  3. Mr Sensing parses some numbers related to the above program and is unimpressed.
  4. A little zooom.
  5. An example of some of the better climate discussions to be found. Oh, and some Arctic sea ice data.
  6. Some truth hidden in that satire.
  7. Yahoo bites it.
  8. Jefferson on national debt.
  9. Mr Obama disagrees with himself.
  10. A TV series recommended. Perhaps a good choice for winter basement riding?
  11. Dragons and witches, oh my!
  12. Birther stuff keeps coming up, examples here, here (heh), and here.
  13. Reflections on marriage.
  14. Doping control and the (dehydrated) cyclist.
  15. How about they pass a law and exile any politician who utters the phrase (and variations), “It’s for the children.”
  16. Of theology (specifically Calvin’s) and politics in the US.
  17. Well, that’s exactly what our robust economy needs, a new tax. Duh.

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