1. Press releases “of the damned.”
  2. Reading the bill, and remaining unimpressed.
  3. A twist to the Obama/joker poster story.
  4. A new Miyazaki film noted.
  5. The scum beneath the tape.
  6. I’m interested … 92 mpg for 3k miles.
  7. Evil and modern political parlance.
  8. Pharma and price control.
  9. Against drones in Pakistan.
  10. One paramedic’s perspective.
  11. Adding and “R” to cash for clunkers.
  12. Specialization.
  13. Housing numbers.
  14. Byzantium (and Gondor) and why it matters, even if some of my commenters disagree.
  15. The liturgical gangstas.
  16. Under cover techies.
  17. Suu Kyi on sanctions.
  18. Into the valley of the mega-church.
  19. Jurisdiction and healthcare.

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