1. Where or where was the werewolf (in Byzantium!)?
  2. Speaking of Byzantium … a blogger here talking about Christian influence on charity and welfare apparently doesn’t know about (Eastern) Rome and its history.
  3. A talk on the economy and banking.
  4. Contra diversity for diversities sake … followup here.
  5. Broken windows galore.
  6. Esteem and jobs … I wonder how Congressman compares to, say, pimp? … a not unrelated remark here.
  7. Slow recovery.
  8. Putting ice cores in context.
  9. Put some pockets on the back and it would make for better kit than “team Shack”, no?
  10. Heh.
  11. Consciousness considered.
  12. Numbers, polls and healthcare.
  13. A fascinating post on history, empire, and migration.
  14. Hmm.
  15. Looking at porn.

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