Good morning.

  1. A discussion of the origin of a word.
  2. Metal or paper? And no, in answer to a question a few days ago, (most of) my (retirement) investments are not in gold, but in index funds.
  3. Considering federalism.
  4. Calvin.
  5. Abandon climate change.
  6. Indifference and church.
  7. How much luggage? How many passengers? Ice? Rain? 
  8. Bush and Obama and their passover/holy week messages. What a weird exegesis of Exodus, btw. I wonder how that hermeneutic applies to Judges.
  9. Employment. A map.
  10. Why does any one read Yglesias
  11. Mr Obama’s foreign policy.
  12. On confession.
  13. Tuesday of holy week, in the west. In the East, tonight the third and last bridegroom matins focuses on a comparison of the prostitute anointing Jesus feet and Judas betrayal.

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