Good morning.

  1. One of the Gentlemen on Kagan.
  2. More here from a Volokh conspirator.
  3. Lithium dead? That has to be a translation glitch. Oh, wait … reading more carefully it is presented as such.
  4. Jews as WASPS?
  5. EU crises examined.
  6. I failed to mention this yesterday. Actually the WSJ Monday had a hole section on energy which is worth a look.
  7. Apropos of my “failure to communicate” essay last night … here’s another example.
  8. A solution from the Soviet era?
  9. Well, I don’t always take all my vacation days … but I wouldn’t ascribe the reason as guilt.
  10. I suspect that “increase” is the first of many admissions of cost increases.
  11. A novel.

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