80 year-old man, with a gun, vs. an armed home invader: home invader loses. This happened in Chicago, where the current law forbids the ownership of pre-ban handguns. Do you think the intruder’s gun was registered?


Hiker, with a gun, vs. an unarmed grizzly bear: grizzly bear loses. However, this hiker was armed with a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol… not the best choice if one happens to run into a grizzly bear. This hiker was very lucky.


Forget about the color of Obama’s skin… is it really that thin?

Barack Obama — a man who was as unprepared to be president as any man in our lifetime — has over the last 16 months shown that he is overmatched by events. His poll numbers continue to drop, his health care proposal is becoming less rather than more popular, the oil spill in the Gulf is badly eroding his image for leadership and competence, and his party has been battered in election after election since November. We have now reached the point where Democrats are running against Obama and his agenda in order to survive (witness Mark Critz in Pennsylvania).

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