Good morning.

  1. Housing.
  2. The pencil.
  3. A list of books.
  4. Ice and that mythical industrial age 7k years ago.
  5. Germany and economic recovery.
  6. Remember that Discovery gunman nut? He was on the fringe of this current.
  7. My somewhat snarky comment aside, apparently nobody noticed that locations in which large amounts of raw materials get processed from the earth do not become vibrant and heavily populated.
  8. Can’t afford tax cuts for the rich” alas, the tax codes put most small business owners in the “rich” category. 
  9. On a prayer widely used.
  10. Health care and organ farming.
  11. Quran burning, here and here and here. For myself, talk of book burning reminds me of this The Master and Margarita.
  12. Defending Chesterton.
  13. Duh.
  14. And … our the stimulus that the Democrats hath wrought. The leeches did well.

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