This is a question, probably mainly for the right, but the those readers on the left might offer their two cents. 

The $800b stimulus package has now been acknowledged by the President and pretty much everyone with their heads not in the sand to have been a waste. This criticism is especially strongly held on the right. However, what if the stimulus package instead of being useless road projects and expansions of bridges to nowheres (for example expanding the Byrd airport) had only one single project/point to which it was aimed. That is to say, all $800 billion was allocated to one thing. That the stimulus only allocation was to build and install 40-50 new Gen-IV nuclear reactors (or best current technological practice) throughout the country accompanied by ’emergency’ executive orders designed to steamroll any and all environmental and green-activist objections. Furthermore these plants might have been be small and quickly installable and all fast-tracked to be on-line by, say, late October 2010. 

Here’s the question(s).

  1. Would that have changed your opinion of the stimulus package? 
  2. Would that have changed today’s economy for the better? 
  3. Would the election in three weeks from now be trending differently? 

I offer that the my answer might be yes (and with an “alas” on the last) to all three questions. What d’y’all think?

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