Good morning.

  1. A word from the Holy mountain.
  2. So, if you didn’t watch the VC youtube lecture on individual mandate, something of a summary.
  3. On the Mr Williams firing, with lots of links.
  4. More thoughts on that here.
  5. 90 TB? At home no less.
  6. On religion and higher ed.
  7. Better than “going for dirt”, going for irony and comedy.
  8. Here’s the thing, lots of people complain about Ms O’Donnell. But those fragments I see quoted are quite reasonable in context.
  9. The first new coming out that approaches the efficiency of my 2000 model. Perhaps in five or six years they’ll manage to improve on that benchmark. 
  10. Talking about classified information. I think the administration’s strategy is to lie so often that credibility is completely lost. That way real secrets are safe.
  11. A book noted.
  12. Blasphemy just changed its name.
  13. I’ll huff and puff and … well, take a look.

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