Good morning.

  1. Remembering Aleksander.
  2. Defense and health.
  3. Housing price index.
  4. 33 martyrs.
  5. Wikileaks and gitmo.
  6. Suicidal liberalism.
  7. The man himself.
  8. 570.
  9. Fanciful thoughts on stuxnet.
  10. Dodd-Frank assessed in brief.
  11. Three Christmases, perhaps it would help to give them three distinguishing names, like Nativity, the Winter Holidays, and the Decembrist Greed-Wagon. … hmmm perhaps the last needs work.
  12. For the Palin fans. Here’s another … and geesh, Mr Sullivan is a truly reprehensible bigot. 
  13. 10-4.
  14. Obamacare working fer U.

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