Unions were among the big proponents of the health care ‘reform’ bill that the Democrats passed in a ‘unipartisan’ manner.  Now, some of those unions are opt-ing out of it.  Nearly 50 unions at this point have decided that this ‘reform’ is just not for them. 

And some of the country’s larger companies, covering over 1.5 million people, are opting out as well; Waffle House, McDonald’s, Universal Orlando theme park, Ingles supermarkets, Cracker Barrel, DISH Network, Aetna and Jack in the Box, not to mention the health care companies on the list

Now, it’s reasonable to understand that not every company is going to save money with this ‘reform’.  To which I say, that’s the reason a one-size-fits-all solution, doesn’t.  And can’t.  And shouldn’t be forced on anyone who doesn’t have the clout to opt-out.

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