Good morning.

  1. Considering the filibuster.
  2. A question for the climate crowd.
  3. Art and geometry (and physics). The first link is there because the (mini) version was a recent purchase.
  4. Not misogynism, duh. It’s tragic when a woman dies, not so much when a guy does. That’s, oddly enough, not because women are hated or thought less of, in which case it wouldn’t, you know, be very tragic.
  5. Well, it’s because some of us don’t think highly of the competence of people who go into those fields.
  6. A succinct rebuttal to those who bristle at the use of the term socialist in non-exact casual ways.
  7. Heh, “freedom whisperer.” That’s rich.
  8. A joke I’ve used with my kids.
  9. Defending Mr Huckabee vis a vis Islam.
  10. Why only men as priests in Orthodoxy.
  11. Of the dying canaries.

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