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  1. Correction and an argument for union protection in the public (not private) sector.
  2. The coming demographic crisis in China.
  3. Uhm, I can’t imagine the Irish population in either city is a significant percentage.
  4. A question for economics and income stratifcation.
  5. Torture.
  6. Iranian hardware in Afghanistan. Who paid for them?
  7. An item in the news lately.
  8. Performing for monsters?
  9. Kinda like pacifists paying taxes in wartime. Hmm.
  10. In the when in a hole, keep digging mode, or not? More seriously, I’m curious at the left, who largely was behind the objections to largely symbolic statues in courthouses because of relgious content now supports  not-just-symblic statutes in the books of the same sort in those same houses. Since when has the left been so supportive of involuntary clitorectomies and highly assymetric divorce laws anyhow? And why? 
  11. Looking at warming predictions … 20 years predicted 2-4 degrees warming, the result basically none. 
  12. The beautiful results of heresy, specifically the possessor vs non-possessor conflict. As you can see, the possessors won.
  13. An Obamacare riddle.
  14. Coptic Christians, canary or match?

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