Good morning.

  1. Surprising none, I expect.
  2. Not, of couse, to be sold in the US.
  3. Not the Higgs, something new and unexpected?
  4. CBO simulation crash.
  5. Hollywood as military contractor.
  6. I suspect lots of jobs (besides teacher) have Sisyphus (in Hades) as their primary job myth/metaphor.
  7. And if neurological condition is irrelevant to personhood both arguments fade.
  8. Bang! Ouch!
  9. I think they’re targeting the wrong person/persons. Three years for grandma is a bit much for that “crime.”
  10. Is he even on the list?
  11. That margin should trigger and automatic return for a new election, being closer than the margins of error. But … it won’t.
  12. Talking 2012.

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