Good morning … and I hope everyone had a festive Mother’s day.

  1. The green vision exposed, or what they want everyone’s day to mostly be consumed with doing. Actually, they don’t want this, they just don’t realize that the consequence of what they want.
  2. Job growth and health care waivers. That healthcare plan is such a winner, both a drag on corporate growth and innovation in healthcare. Perhaps the only (good) thing it will do is ultimately is shorten the careers of a lot of Democrats.
  3. Another “good idea” the Dems fronted and its consequences.
  4. While in education, some teachers are so out of touch they haven’t noticed there’s a recession going on and government tax income took a big hit.
  5. Vicious kitten fight, or something like that.
  6. The cult of the body.
  7. When you hear about GM profits … some background you likely won’t hear.
  8. Race and movement in the US.
  9. So, with what animal do you want to identify
  10. Banal evil.
  11. An interesting conjunction in liturgical and secular calendars, the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers fell on Mother’s day.
  12. One liberal’s attempt to demonize the special forces noted.
  13. Science and the Jesus prayer.

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