Good morning all.

  1. Two for history of tragic mistreatment of man, mainly here but this is not unrelated (but that will need translation).
  2. Heh.
  3. Four views on the assasination of Mr bin Laden.
  4. Speaking of which, Mr Obama backs capital punishment.
  5. Reading a budget.
  6. Brandon has a smart set of links.
  7. Stupid human tricks in the Middle East. Or is it just plain evil?
  8. Peter and Paul and their super sneaky plan.
  9. The pissing match continues. So, which is more important raising taxes on the rich and middle classes or cutting spending?
  10. Suprising only the economists.
  11. Yah, that’s ’cause they’ve discovered summary execution works just fine. Just make sure yah shoot ‘im dead before he can surrender.\

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