Good morning.

  1. Holocaust denial in the White House.
  2. Some words spoken regarding aff action. For example regarding collegiate admissions,”Does an abjectly poor white Billy Sabinksi from Tulare deserve no special consideration to Harvard, but a rich George Rainbird from a Native-American casino-owning tribe does?”
  3. Talking about Thor.
  4. Aren’t “how it’s built” film clips fun?
  5. A question for policy statement makers. And speaking more directly about the President’s Mid-East remarks.
  6. The latest round of doping allegations and a good response.
  7. A tale of 40 tails.
  8. A dog and his boy. And yes, I link that site too much. But he finds wonderfully amusing things.
  9. When will Christians not admit this is a good thing. The word martyr means witness people. We are called to witness. If it’s hard … that’s either irrelevant or possibly a good thing.
  10. And your feel good about America story to cap the week off.

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