Good morning. I hope everying had a memorable memorial day.

  1. A slight problem of diction.
  2. Sedimentary remains of little bugs.
  3. Comparing economic stresses.
  4. Conservative think tank and climate.
  5. Cute little tyke.
  6. I don’t think the West is “re-evaulating” … they are oblivious.
  7. Anti-semetic … or is something else at play.
  8. For Memorial Day, here and here and lots more here.
  9. Let’s see, after 8 years of Democratic obstructionism in the same venue (which was likely praised by this source) … now … now(!) it’s horrible. How about, it was bad then, it’s bad now. But you’d have to be admitting it was bad then, see.
  10. An actual Israeli take on the Obama/Netanyahu dialectic.
  11. To be attractive and female (and non-Muslim) in Pakistan.
  12. Taking the anti-Palin prize.
  13. Talking foreign policy. Question, have any of Obama’s foreign policy “successes” not been a result of continuing the course set by Mr Bush? 
  14. Moving on the Arctic fer oil.
  15. They can have prayer’s in the Senate, the House, just not High School. Whatever.
  16. Taking a very narrow view, seeing that globally it is the Sacramental churches which are the ones which are showing the most growth.

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