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  1. Capture and regulation by the dynamic duo, here and here.
  2. Why do “history related gaffes weigh heavily” on these and similar gaffes by, say, the President
  3. This reminds me of a homily by Isaac the Syrian which praised the passions (which are usually put in a negative light).
  4. Visiting with our rusty philosophe. First,  uhm, what is “1”? It’s a little more complicated than you suspect. One good exercise at an attempt to construct the Integers is found here, but don’t pretend it’s cut and dried or corresponding to your naive notions. And here, the little assertion (on which so much contends) that sexual acts are not intrinsically moral but “depend on context”. Whether killing a person is ethical depends on context. However, killing even if you determine it was ethical remains a moral act. So too with sex. It is intrinsically moral.
  5. The Lebonese reaction to the discovery of the idenity of “Gay Girl”.
  6. So, what does tending cows mean? Besides that the person using that phrase has never worked with cows.
  7. More Democrat stupidity, proving mostly that the Democrat elite at least have been relatively untouched by the recession.
  8. 99% perspiration.
  9. A categorization of Frank-Dodd for the books.
  10. Remember when Obamacare was market driven?

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