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  1. Of West and East (rites).
  2. Even if the supposition that if we’re just using dones it isn’t war … is it even true?
  3. One of the big reasons liberals and conservatives can’t talk. Liberals slam the door before the conversation starts, see?
  4. Politics and shark-jumping. My guess is that liberals would point to the Clinton impeachment. I’d point at the Bork/Thomas hearings as the point at which liberal serious engagement in politics and with those on the other side of the aisle left the building.
  5. Academic fudging.
  6. Public/private schools for the children of politicians.
  7. Selecting for dumb.
  8. Chrisitanity, salvation and the individual.
  9. Flip flops and the President? Say it ain’t so!
  10. A media member attempts to insult Ms Palin, fails.
  11. I read that story … probably 35+ years ago.
  12. Is it naive to think that this would end the struggle and now just move the boundary of said same struggle.
  13. Dangerous things for kids.
  14. Abortion and choice … and consequences.

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