When that little boy was (supposedly) shot and killed in 2000 by Israeli security forces, the NY Times reported, and continued to return to, the issues as a seminal event in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

This week, however, a judge in France (the footage belonged to France TV 2) has agreed that claims that the footage is a fraud are legitimate.  It’s not the same thing as saying the footage is a fraud, but the defendant had to overcome a huge hurdle.

This is a stunning victory because Mr. [Philippe] Karsenty had to prove to the French court that his claims that the film is a fraud are legitimate claims. Karsenty presented enough evidence for the French court to rule against a state operated entity and this is a big upset in France because this does not typically happen. The state almost never loses.

Karsenty had several experts come to his aid as technical witnesses that the whole thing did not add up but the French court also at last had a look at some more of the film that France 2 TV had steadfastly refused to show up until this point. It clearly showed Palestinian operatives staging a faux fight between themselves and the far off Israeli security forces. It revealed fake rescues of unharmed people, fake casualties and staged injuries. What the court saw was the creation of Palestinian propaganda. In other words, the "death" of Muhammad al-Dura was a staged lie, invented as theater by Palestinian operatives to use as anti-Jewish propaganda.

But the kicker is that this major discrediting of a lynchpin in the Palestinian’s reason for the Intifada has been dealt a serious blow.  Newsworthy, right?  But now, the Time seems to have forgotten the whole story.

Since the New York Times has used this story to the succor of terrorist supporters everywhere since 2000, one might imagine that the Times would rush to correct the record now that the evidence proving that the al-Dura tale is a lie has been accepted by French courts.

One would be wrong to assume that the Times was so willing to debunk its favorite anti-Jew story, sadly.

There is no story in the Times print edition on the Karsenty victory since the French court ruling was handed down on May 21st. Not one. All I can find is one mention in a NYT Internet blog, The Lede, by Times blogger Mike Nizza from May 21st, 2008.

And, instead of a story revealing how this al-Dura film was a lie, what does Nizza conclude about the court case? That the "debate" is "far from over."

The court’s ruling has not been released, increasing the likelihood that this round in a continuing debate is far from over.

Nowhere does Nizza mention that the rest of the al-Dura film clearly shows the staging of a firefight. Nizza doesn’t bother with the fact that the al-Dura death scene was an Oscar worthy performance by Palestinian propagandists.

Another example of a story that a liberal newspaper buries or ignores when it doesn’t match the narrative.  This is big news on a topic that the Times has carried water for in a big way, up until they find out the water jug was empty the whole time.  When the Left complains about conservative media bias they see, it’s amazing how truly blind they are to liberal bias like this.

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