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  1. Well, Illinois is not the most regressive state. This is not unrelated.
  2. Pride and the terrorist.
  3. In the context of my (about to be much abused) noted about the rationale of liberals, this doesn’t to get that point.
  4. Being a dissident, a family affair. (being human –> also a family affair)
  5. petition.
  6. Blood money.
  7. Egypt and violence.
  8. How is this an “unintended” consequence when it was frequently and easily anticipated?
  9. Up up and away.
  10. In which “for nothing” means trillions of dollars of other peoples money.
  11. The response to the 99%/1% rhetoric.
  12. The NYTimes contorted(?) response to the targeting and killing of an American citizen.
  13. Why pose that rhetorical question in a campaign speech?
  14. school session.

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