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  1. SCOTUS recusal talk here.
  2. Continuing with legal stuff, how about campaign law and Mr Bolton/Mr Gingrich.
  3. The American response to insult that theme continues here.
  4. Now that we’ve mentioned Pearl Harbor … look at this post. I hadn’t realized the technical hurdles required to attack Pearl Harbor. How about you?
  5. OWS … day care for adults.
  6. The friendly neighborhood utilitarianism defender not ready to acknowledge his criticism of virtue ethics is shared by his utilitarianism (his crit of v/e was that one needed to have a prior definitions of virtue, which holds for utilitarianism which needs a prior definition of “the good” or “happiness”, the latter oddly enough Aristotle defined in terms of virtue).
  7. Salvation not about “keeping out of Hell.”
  8. Art from the depths of depravity and deprivation.
  9. Demographics.
  10. I guess I’m not a “typical Republican” as described (and I’m not sure I have every met one). That of course doesn’t mean the typical tag isn’t right, but it casts (for me) some doubt on the assertion.
  11. Labels and the left.
  12. Stupid green tricks.
  13. Hayek and macro more here.
  14. Church and a boomer.
  15. That must have been a blast to drive.

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