Good morning (and yes, I’m on the left coast, it’s still morning here)

  1. Evil and theology.
  2. For valentines day, belated I guess.
  3. On the Obama = Socialist term.
  4. A pre-Xi primer.
  5. How soon will you walk/bike to work? At what cost/price of gas do you change your habits substantially?
  6. Or its just a nod to their buddies installing cat-5 in walls.
  7. No taxes raised on those making less than 250k? Oh, wait by 250k that’s not dollars, he means micro-dollars. Didn’t you read the text, when he said 250k he didn’t specify units. You just assumed he meant dollars.
  8. Well, as Freddy Mercury said, get on your bike and ride! (or run up the mountain 7 miles a day).
  9. MLK Jr and Zombies, they value you for your brains not the color of your skin, eh?
  10. The snow tortoise.
  11. For the cook.
  12. Gold value.
  13. National defense and the nearby star.

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