Ever wondered what it would be like to tour with a rock band? Wonder what challenges a Christian band has to face out on the road?

Nigel James, founder of Ignite, a UK based youth discipleship minstry, has traveled extensively for Third Day for the past eight years. He brings unique insights into the hearts and minds of the band members in a new book entitled Lessons From The Road.

“Every tour since the Fall of 2000, every major tour in the U. S. and other places in the world I’ve joined Third Day on their tour bus as what they call their road pastor,” said Mr. James in a recent interview, “basically doing church on the road with them making sure that we pray together, we read the Bible together, fellowship together,  just using the time wisely that we have when we travelling.”

His book takes the reader behind the scenes of lift on tour with the band. Fans will be pleasantly surprised at the things they learn about the band. For example, I found myself closely identifying with the feelings of different band members as they shared about the challenges they faced in licing out their faith in a very public way.

In fact, it is the contributions of the band members that makes this book so remarkable. Mr. James was able to each one of the guys contribute all throughout the book. In essence, you get an idea of how different band members reacted to different things that they have faced over the years.

Another wonderful aspect of the book is Mr. James sharing some of the devotions that he shared with band. As a result, we see how a road pastor encourages members of the group.

I came away from reading this book with a newfound appreciation of one of my favorite bands. Mr. James, by sharing his experiences, also shows fans that these men, both individually and collectively have dedicated themselves to serving God first and passionately pursue His will for them and their music. He also reveals their heart for world missions revealing their involvement in numerous projects around the globe. At the same time they are dedicated husbands and fathers committed to serving their local churches.

I highly recommend this book. It will give you a fresh perspective on one of the leading bands performing today. If you’re like I am, you’ll find yourself both encouraged and challenged by these lessons from the road.

Click here to listen to an interview with Nigel James.

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