Good morning.

  1. Economically speaking.
  2. Putin and the Russian Republic election.
  3. A car, which appears to be designed to blow up when it hits a speed-bump. But, it looks kewl, eh?
  4. Rockwell meets Lucas.
  5. Interesting locution there, mocking the ivory tower distance on the one hand and at the same time figuring the term “medical zombies” is about creatures you have to run away or shoot (in real life).
  6. A look behind a faux controversy.
  7. I’ll bet dollars to donuts this wasn’t what you were taught in school about that little narrative. Heh.
  8. I know it’s all traditional and everyone just loves that color, but I’ve never liked overmuch.
  9. Becoming human?
  10. Least worst … kind of like how we view democracy (vs the other forms of government) in a nutshell.

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