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  1. parallel to the hypocrisy of Hunger Games (in which teen violence is denounced through glorification of same).
  2. Antisemitism? Or just anti-Israel?
  3. Speaking of Jews
  4. So, do you think the President was lying? Is the WH planning or not? Is it important that he’s so often so dishonest? Why/Why not?
  5. Lawyers disagree, here’s a pallid defense (why the “economic regulations” why is the adjective economic required … hint: Roe/Wade or civil rights … it’s not there for any substantive Constitutional reasons, economic regulations are not in any way special, except for maintaining specious arguments). (“Popular” bill? It squeaked through and y’all know it … or perhaps everyone not the President knows it … see #10 below on “realism”).
  6. Libya and consequences?
  7. It was suggested recently that retreat/not-retreat laws and deadly force allow premeditated murder, here’s a discussion on the law in more depth.
  8. Sticky wages and putative liquidity traps.
  9. Unplanned pregnancy.
  10. Obama trashes GOP (Ryan budget) for being unrealistic … oddly enough not a single Democrat voted for his “realistic” plan. Memo to Democrats, I’m beginning to suspect this word, “real” doesn’t mean what you think it means.
  11. Rich wanting bad roads?
  12. I’m unclear on the strategy here, when Mr Obama is raising gas prices faster and higher is politically popular.

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