Good morning.

  1. Of revenge and justice. Is motive the only difference?
  2. Loyalty Day? Where is the liberal outrage? Where? Hmmm? Let’s see, what if Mr Bush had suggested that?
  3. A better way to remember May 1. More links here.
  4. More grist for the wind farm/climate discussion.
  5. A thought experiment on truth telling.
  6. Anti-semitism in Norway.
  7. Huh? Insanity on the left coast.
  8. Rational huh? Evidence to the contrary abounds.
  9. Obama’s politicization of his assassination of OBL noted. The left can explain the crucial difference between “not moving heaven and earth” and “if we have a shot we’ll take it”. Seems like they were on the same page.
  10. People densities on the planet projected in space.
  11. Nuptials of a different sort.
  12. Coolness, noted as no biggie by the left. An essential feature of coolness it seems to me is that coolness is a raising of style and aesthetic over substance. If you think that’s not important … perhaps you also believe that.

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