Good morning.

  1. Of Party and Church … and of course the rejoinder to the bumper sticker is “of course not, he’s a Monarchist” (Christ is Lord and King).
  2. Speaking of bumper stickers.
  3. A counter for the “its the social trend/majority” SSM argument.
  4. Realtime displays of live data.
  5. Cricket race support for the basis of my question on OWS posted earlier.
  6. For the numbers fans out there.
  7. Call a spade a spade, please.
  8. Art imitates art … last night as this was the final day of school, our family watched our weekend movie night film, which was War of the Arrows … which I recommend if you like action films.
  9. Homeless but not mindless, in fact quite clever.
  10. home project.
  11. A side effect of faith? But, this effect is not helpful.

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