1. Besides questions of liberty … Obamacare has other issues, in that it ain’t solving the problem it pretends to address. Lower the supply to lower costs. What economic principle is that?
  2. The sort of tyranny that Obamacare is part (and soda size regulations).
  3. That soda size thing … “based on research” … and what do those researchers actually say about the ban?
  4. Some verse for fathers day.
  5. The other part of the health care Constitutional challenge, i.e., the part people aren’t talking about.
  6. An approach to confronting hackers and crackers.
  7. This last Sunday ends the Lenten/Paschal cycle.
  8. Solar heating on the cheap.
  9. Well, I suppose you’ll have to contrast with Obama’s record of holding employment down and improving taxes.
  10. Our public schools and their purpose.
  11. Speaking of public schools, we have our public sector teachers union to thank for crap like this.
  12. Democrats think we should keep the influence of the wealthy out of politics … so what is this then if not the influence of the wealthy in politics? Perhaps they just want to keep the “other guys” wealth out of politics … which alas sounds a lot less principled (because it is).
  13. Heck the casualty rates of the Civil War should have been enough warning.
  14. bad day at work.
  15. The real consequence of our marriage crises … and SSM has nuttin to do with it, except to serve as a distraction.

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