Good morning.

  1. Balance.
  2. Not crying over split milk, it’s the thumb. Deal with it.
  3. Cardboard and the bike. More here.
  4. How times have changed, gosh now it’s acceptable to hate men. Seems to me the problem is the who it’s the verb.
  5. Nature + industry = art.
  6. Meta linking.
  7. I wonder why Ms Lovelace has captured the imagination in a way Ms Noether hasn’t. The latter was a far more prominent and influential modern intellect. Is it anti-Semitism?
  8. That question in itself answers this question.
  9. Art as societies mirror or not.
  10. Ya want full employment? Easy, remove (almost all of) the safety net. Poof, even those well paying jobs in the Dakotas and coal industry our 20 somethings won’t touch will be taken.
  11. Not necessarily for the young at heart, just the young hearts.
  12. A crisis from a different point of view.
  13. It’s not stealth, it’s right there out in the open.
  14. Syrian WMD.

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