Good morning.

  1. Redemption and a Tolstoy masterwork.
  2. Ms Austen.
  3. Unicorns and the left’s energy policies.
  4. Gun control and those far right nuts in, uhm, Massachusetts?
  5. You know, ’cause we’re at war with them too.
  6. History made simpler.
  7. Our Administration’s financial shenanigans … or put simpler … making sure of your landing pad for after your time in office.
  8. A man and his witness.
  9. Underreported!? or just plain ghastly.
  10. Why not to leave Afghanistan too quickly.
  11. 6 scenarios.
  12. A North American bishop installed.
  13. From the sun-never-sets-on … to lack of pride as a method.
  14. Well, the first step in letting history repeat is to insist that those circumstance were insane, senseless, and incomprehensible. And interesting tactic for a person who is claimed has a special ability to understand others.

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