Rrrrr. Top of the morning to all!

  1. Possibly my wife’s future runabout, you know for us non-anthro global warming activists.
  2. Pretty as a picture, come to think of it … it is actually a picture.
  3. Siris, err Brandon, talks guns.
  4. Interesting new product for ya.
  5. Why is the US 2nd world regarding phone tech? Oh, wait … dy’a think it might be regulatory strangulation? Gosh.
  6. Conservative views on racism.
  7. I wonder (historically speaking) what “court” meant. Court as a thing to me doesn’t sound like great fun.
  8. Never give up hope.
  9. An economist talks about Obamacare.
  10. Privacy and file deletion.
  11. Budget cuts and numbers noted.
  12. Mr Biden’s ill considered advice.
  13. Those large ammo purchases by the government … just graft … never mind. See, always the Chicago way.
  14. Is this about the relationship to the left with the arts?
  15. Somebody needs to remind this author that the great majority of scouts are 11-14  … and kids that age are not exactly “already are” anything in particular regarding sex.

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