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  1. Sovereignty, and after you agree (or not) with the statement, consider the US Civil War.
  2. Short answer to “is it racism” … if you are a conservative, yes, it not, then no.
  3. Musing on the end.
  4. Is this a straw argument is it one even being made?
  5. A telling commentary on progressives and their spending, “To proclaim that spending is spending, waste notwithstanding, is remarkably destructive of the public’s trust. It suggests that governments are indeed profligate stewards of the public’s funds.” That bird has long since flown.
  6. Proving the opposite point intended.
  7. The film you’ll hear about in, or after, Church in the upcoming season.
  8. One of the lessons history teaches. Few listen.
  9. A stab at a short list.
  10. An atheist passes on remarks on celibacy and the Roman church.
  11. An election noted.
  12. Hypocrisy, in the modern trivial sense, … if you don’t have it, you should.
  13. One of the points on the side of faith for the Habermas/Ratzinger debate.
  14. Something to read if you have the time.
  15. Something our government is doing just as fast as it can. Why do they think that is good? Remember the story of that Biblical villain, Joseph and the Pharaoh (hint: the Patriarch after Israel is Judah, not Joseph)? What did he do, wiped out the independent farmers and centralized the economy. What occurred down the road. Slavery.  A road to serfdom we are on.
  16. If the TSA isn’t doing this every week, something is wrong. If we know they are doing it every week, something else is wrong. If you’re serious about security, you have teams working to break in constantly probing for weak points. If it’s theater, then why bother.
  17. Why gun control laws won’t/don’t matter one bit to the policy questions at hand. It’s more likely about #15 above … and the modern liberal elites visceral fear of firearms.
  18. Have fun with tech.

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