Yah, links?

  1. Well, that’s to be expected. That arab “spring”  is a thing to behold.
  2. Actually, I think the motive or at least the logic of “what did he want to achieve by that” is not very clear.
  3. “The most callous thing” which means  Mr Biden completely lacks any imagination at all. Or has led an incredibly sheltered life to not realize that there are hundreds (thousands) of “more callous” things that man has done to man than that.
  4. Girlfriend?
  5. Doing the treadmill right.
  6. Very very pretty. This too.
  7. Archaeology underwater.
  8. Pesky trends for the gun control = emergency crowd.
  9. Where it’s not cold when it rains.
  10. Apparently the “is not welcome” at Church is a recent lefty meme, alas … not true.
  11. The Paschal (Easter) 2nd homily from the Russian patriarch (the first was the original by St John Chrysostom spoken at every Orthodox Paschal celebration for many many centuries … when something is done right … why change?).

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