Good morning.

  1. Meta-links. (more here)
  2. For the Palin fans.
  3. Europe is confused.
  4. DNA and Mr Scalia
  5. movie reviewed.
  6. Verse.
  7. On hiding in plain sight.
  8. For when the writing on the wall is on your desk.
  9. Speaking of which.
  10. Lady in space.
  11. Obamacare in nutshell … or a thousand words.
  12. Old tech … and quothing the raven.
  13. Some thoughts on faith.
  14. Well, “pathological altruism” has a kinder touch than my term for the same thing, to whit “stupid or evil” (that is, you don’t realize the obvious consequences (stupid) or you do and … continue because your actual motives are evil but you can continue under the cover of a pretense of altruism) .

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