Good morning.

  1. Foreign policy excuses.
  2. Coming to the dance, and darn it all, but someone else has the same dress.
  3. And then … have a cup.
  4. Oddly enough, I have an LED bulb in my bathroom because it is brighter than the incandescent (the fixture limits because of heat to 60 watts, I put a liquid cooled LED 75+ watt equivalent which draws under 20 watts … and voila … more light than ever).
  5. Them folx are serious about their drinking (and avoiding taxes).
  6. Wow.
  7. Syria and gas … and who dun it … so cui bono? Al Qaeda or an equivalent?
  8. Sweets and athletes.
  9. Anti-Semitism as proof of the devil.
  10. Rape and vigilantism.
  11. One explanation
  12. Luxury and academe.

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