Good morning.

  1. A non-cowboy (or a man who’s word is not trusted) in charge and consequences.
  2. Faith and unbelief.
  3. WWII memorial shutdowns and a photo-essay. Apparently manning barricades was less expensive than janitorial services. I’m not convinced.
  4. Milk now costs more than gasoline, a facet to consider when reading this quote on price indices and inflation.
  5. “Great news”.
  6. Debt and the rolling pin.
  7. Apparently “millenials” all either live in cities with awesome mass transit or are unemployed …  or perhaps only those polled.
  8. A smarter, uhm, land-mine of sorts.
  9. I’d like to hear those advocates of affirmative action in schooling explain the need for capping Asian student populations. ‘Cause you know, Asians run everything in this country, look at how they dominate everything in the beltway and wall street.
  10. Rape. Meet not-Rape.

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