Moving on (ward)

  1. Gosh, the distinction of are you a “body with a soul” or a “soul with a body” seems to me a lot like is “that a particle or a wave”. Why isn’t both the default answer?
  2. Obfuscating the young.
  3. From an IT perspective,
  4. Sounds like interface problems galore.
  5. A core liberal fallacy along the lines of “if we all just talked about stuff and emphathized more” there’d never be war and conflict rears its head. Sorry, you can be as reasonable and empathetic as you want … Hitler (or Stalin or the modern equivalent) won’t.
  6. Not understanding the whole public servant thing apparently.
  7. Geesh, I’m in my 50s. I thought that would be my likely retirement age, my kids .. who knows. Probably 80 or 90, eh?
  8. Cinema.
  9. Heh.
  10. An essay, the like of which we should probably see more. We fear death because we avoid it or is it the other way around?

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