This is a picture I took when we visited New York City in, I believe, 2004.  We were visiting my wife’s sister’s family in Queens, and I took the kids on a whirlwind tour of the city, including the completely excavated Ground Zero.  My two oldest still remember when their aunt, a few years earlier, had taken them to the top of the towers that had occupied what was now this pit.  But what was left in this pit was now a symbol of hope.


God was there that day 7 years ago, and every day, for people who wish to cling to Him.  He has never promised a trouble-free life.  What He has promised is Himself and His strength to get through each day that He knows is coming our way, and that all things work together for good to those who follow Him.

For thousands of families, this is always a difficult day.  In many events around the country, the names of those who died will be read.  Pray for the names you don’t hear; the spouses, children, families and friends behind those who were killed that day.

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