Fabulous Food Foto (# 019)

The breakfast burrito, at the Miraloma Cafe, in Anaheim, CA.

The Miraloma Cafe is a surprise sitting at the edge of an industrial area in Anaheim. Their breakfast burrito was another surprise – nicely priced and tasty, complete with eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon (or ham, sausage), and salsa. One big plus – it’s not greasy. Definitely a winner.


– image © 2012 A R Lopez

Fabuluos Food Foto (# 015)

The breakfast burrito at Fantastic Cafe, in El Segundo, CA.

Near LAX, and near the ocean, Fantastic Cafe offers up a great breakfast burrito for a very reasonable price. I asked for the bacon version and was pleased to find out that the standard breakfast burrito composition here is to combin bacon, sausage, and ham! Yowser! Also, lots of potatoes and cheese (and, as you can see, it’s a healthy proportion). Pico de Gallo, and house green hot sauce, on the side.


– image © 2012 AR Lopez

Fabulous Food Foto (# 013)

The Breakfast Burrito, from Troy’s Drive-In, in Orange, CA.

Another round with a breakfast burrito from Troy’s. Classic, just classic. This puppy has the right mix of potatoes, egg, cheese, and meat (this case was bacon). The tortilla, in this instance, was a bit chewy – but I’m used to homemade tortillas, so there. The special green sauce is killer and, unless you like it a bit hot, order it on the side.


– image © 2012 A R Lopez

Fabulous Food Foto (# 010)

The Breakfast Burrito, from Charlie’s Chili, in Newport Beach, CA.

After a PhotoWalk on and near the Newport Beach pier, we had a great breakfast at Charlie’s Chili. The breakfast burrito is a large offering of egg, potato, bacon (or sausage), cheese, and salsa, served with fried potatoes. This order will set you back almost $10, but you’ll be set for the rest of the day!


– image © 2011 A R Lopez

Fabulous Food Foto (# 008)

Breakfast burrito, with chorizo, in La Puente, CA.

A simple rendition, done near homemade style (if the tortillas were homemade, then this would be The Bomb). Just outside the football field at La Puente High School, the El Rey Farms distribution of New Mexico Green Chiles takes place every year (from late summer into early autumn). If you get there early, then the local sports boosters are serving up some breakfast items – of which we never pass up the chorizo breakfast burritos! Not oozily dripping grease, like nearly every other chorizo burrito out there, but very well made, with the right mix of chorizo (Mexican sausage), scrambled egg, and potatoes.


– image © 2011 A R Lopez

Fabulous Food Foto (# 003)

Breakfast Burrito at Pepe’s, in Fullerton, CA.

We discovered this little gem about a year ago, after a photowalk at the Fullerton Arboretum. In my opinion, this is one of the best breakfast burritos in Orange County. A healthy mix of egg, along with potatoes, cheese, beans, bacon, and sauce / salsa. I usually hold the beans as I think they can overpower the handhold-ability of the burrito. And I typically order the salsa on the side. I really like the fact that these puppies have a generous amount of egg, not attempting to pass off a potatoe filled burrito as your breakfast. Also, the bacon is crisp and very evident.


– image © 2010 AR Lopez

Fabulous Food Foto (# 001)

Note: at New Covenant (my personal blog) I occasionally post a photo of food I’ve been served, at restaurants around the U.S., giving my impressions – essentially, a review. Not wanting to limit these delicious tidbits to my personal blog readers, I’ve decided to post at SCO as well.

Formerly known as Friday Food Foto, I have too much of a backlog of pics to limit posting to just Fridays! So this post launches the new title, Fabulous Food Foto (yes, I know, my alliteration skills are not Lincoln-esque by any stretch of the imagination).

Let’s start off with the classic Breakfast Burrito at The Filling Station, in Orange, California. Set near the “historic” and “old” downtown, where some scenes from Tom Hanks’ movie That Thing You Do were filmed, this former gas station serves up excellent breakfasts. The breakfast burrito is no exception and in it we find a healthy portion of eggs, onions, black beans, cheese, potatoes, and bell peppers, with a meat addition optional (bacon, in this example). Guacamole and salsa are served on the side. I really like this burrito, although I’d substitute pinto beans for the black beans. The serving size is large and, even though it’s big, it’s not so wet that it falls apart (in my opinion, burritos are designed to be handheld!).

Inside or patio dining is available. Get there early if you don’t want to wait for a table!


– image © 2010 A R Lopez