Blue Corn Enchiladas, courtesy of The Range Cafe, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. What, you say? Blue Corn? Yes, there is a variety of blue corn.

New Mexico-style enchiladas are served flat, with cheese and meat (optional) spread inbetween the tortilla layers. The enchiladas on this plate were topped with white cheese, but true New Mexico-style enchiladas also have a fried egg topping them! Sides include pinto beans and arroz verde (green rice). Chile can be spread over the enchiladas or served on the side (as shown below), and you always have the choice of “green” or “red” chile (green, in this case). This is a killer meal and scrumptious to behold, especially after a long day of traveling and sightseeing.


– image © 2010 A. R. Lopez