Note: at New Covenant (my personal blog) I occasionally post a photo of food I’ve been served, at restaurants around the U.S., giving my impressions – essentially, a review. Not wanting to limit these delicious tidbits to my personal blog readers, I’ve decided to post at SCO as well.

Formerly known as Friday Food Foto, I have too much of a backlog of pics to limit posting to just Fridays! So this post launches the new title, Fabulous Food Foto (yes, I know, my alliteration skills are not Lincoln-esque by any stretch of the imagination).

Let’s start off with the classic Breakfast Burrito at The Filling Station, in Orange, California. Set near the “historic” and “old” downtown, where some scenes from Tom Hanks’ movie That Thing You Do were filmed, this former gas station serves up excellent breakfasts. The breakfast burrito is no exception and in it we find a healthy portion of eggs, onions, black beans, cheese, potatoes, and bell peppers, with a meat addition optional (bacon, in this example). Guacamole and salsa are served on the side. I really like this burrito, although I’d substitute pinto beans for the black beans. The serving size is large and, even though it’s big, it’s not so wet that it falls apart (in my opinion, burritos are designed to be handheld!).

Inside or patio dining is available. Get there early if you don’t want to wait for a table!


– image © 2010 A R Lopez