Fabulous Food Foto (# 002)

A Tri-Tip Sandwich, with a “side” of fries, at Firestone Grill, in San Luis Obispo, CA. Don’t know what Tri-Tip is? Go here. For those of us who have any exposure at all to California’s Central Coast, we’ve long known about the ecstasy of Santa Maria Tri-Tip. Seasoned with only garlic powder, salt, and pepper, then cooked slowly (~ 1 1/2 hours typically) over oak embers, it is sliced cross-grain, and sometimes mixed with a sweet-tangy barbecue sauce, and served on a slightly toasted french roll. As you can see, at Firestone’s, the serving size assumes you’re a linebacker. Similarly, the “side” of fries is monstrous, and sprinkled with a paprika-laced seasoning.


– image © 2011 A R Lopez

Only in California (v. 5)

Potentially good news for the defense of marriage Proposition 8


Daytime Curfew for youth > 18 years-old;  Gov’t Protection or Big Brother interference?
In San Luis Obispo County an ordinance is being proposed for a daytime curfew for those under the age of 18. From HSLDA,

If passed, this curfew will affect the flexibility and freedom of homeschool students to be in public places during school hours. Homeschool children, even those from outside San Luis Obispo who are just visiting, could be stopped to verify who they are and that they have a valid excuse to be in a public place. HSLDA recently settled a lawsuit against Los Angeles for false arrest of two homeschool students under a similar law.

From the San Luis Obispo Tribune,

Students do have a number of valid reasons to be out and about during the day. They may be homeschooled; enrolled in independent study or work experience programs; on the way to or from a doctor’s appointment; or they may attend an alternative school that has half-day sessions.

The ordinance includes exemptions for such cases, but here’s the rub: How is a law officer supposed to know whether or not students have a valid reason for being out of school unless they stop and talk to them?

The fact is, California already has truancy regulations on the books. Parents can face fines and even jail time if their children repeatedly skip school. The students themselves can lose their driver’s licenses.


Republican Latinos in California? Yes!


Ex-wife of Los Angeles Lakers’ player gets to keep 3 mansions
which are worth $18.8 MM (approximately). Not a bad deal.


Compare CCW Permit issuance: Urban vs. Rural
Red – Yellow = no issue; Dark Green = will issue for personal protection