1. One bar set, will it move? Is that where you set the bar?
  2. Isn’t the answer, shame?
  3. Standing with your dirty undergarments exposed.
  4. Will the next major political battle be between left and far-left?
  5. A societal rejection to reject or … “is Outrage!”
  6. More bingo.
  7. Culture, rejection of same, and failure to reject what should be rejected.
  8. Academic follies.
  9. Pro-life in tomorrow’s nation.
  10. MLK, Aquinas and law.
  11. The “not indicted” as refutation of connection.
  12. No.
  13. Still ahead of the bronze age.
  14. On the simulator, flight 1549.
  15. Change … or not.
  16. Not $45 million … in excess or $170 million … and much of the money from Wall Street beneficiaries of bailout dough.

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