1. Looking at the beginning of Genesis.
  2. Modern religious art from Moscow.
  3. Pay them no mind … or not? Hamas tortures and kills members of Fatah.
  4. Interesting poster, heh.
  5. I’m assuming he knows that’s a Texas longhorn thing.
  6. Part of a conversation on purgatory.
  7. I have no idea what the problem is or why praying for Mr Obama’s family is racist.
  8. Kind of what I was saying in last night’s post.
  9. Prayers needed for Anastasia.
  10. Difficulties faced by the corner marshal, I’ve done that job (at smaller races) and it’s difficult at times to cajole the people to keep the race (and themselves) safe.
  11. A liberal unimpressed by liberal behavior.
  12. Self-professed inaugural grinch?
  13. David continues to relate his cancer journey.
  14. Is it worse or just equally problematic?
  15. Perhaps it should be said that “those who don’t know history, are bound to quote and say stupid things?” ‘Cause that quote is at best wrong, makes no sense, and means little.
  16. Spiderman stops cars.
  17. Two criticisms of Mr Obama’s speech yesterday. Here and here.
  18. It remains to be seen if, as it seems, the current Administration co-opts for its own many of Bush’s strategies and policies. But if they do, it is highly unlikely that credit will be given where due.
  19. Sometimes I wonder how the “don’t be consumers” cry comes together with “let’s all have gainful employment making stuff.”
  20. PR and reality.
  21. Obama -> Robert E. Lee or Lincoln?
  22. Snow viewed from the South.
  23. For uneasy nights?
  24. End these cliches in fiction and cinema. Please.

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