1. What’s worse than poverty?
  2. Tracking Mr Obama’s views on wiretapping.
  3. Hunting for a reasonable explanation for Mr Obama’s wish to require people to do that which they think immoral.
  4. The history of the synodikon.
  5. The rabbit and Lent.
  6. This may get discussed this week, and our prayers will be with the family.
  7. Undercounting liberals in academia.
  8. The Obama administration and the general lack of epistemological humility.
  9. Friday’s Akathist ..  a preview.
  10. Art and work.
  11. Newsprint and trends.
  12. Just move along.
  13. A book offer.
  14. Links from Brandon at Siris.
  15. That unreasonably horrible treatment of prisoner.
  16. When editing video.
  17. Lending, borrowing and morality.
  18. What the world needs, a bathing suit that doesn’t get wet.
  19. Verse and the bike.

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