My friend John Murdoch, a conservative writer who is also concerned about climate change,  has written a perceptive critique of his interchange with Al Gore at a Climate Project training.  As I have written, the development of a total life ethic, recognizing the threats to life of both abortion and environmental degradation, is elevating to our Christian witness and could effectively batttle both offenses. 

John confronted Gore about the disconnection of the these life issues.  He writes:

Face to face with Al Gore, the meaning of life was on my mind as well. I raised the credibility gap created by invoking the plight of future generations to advocate global warming legislation while elsewhere lauding Roe v. Wade which blocks protections for the unborn of today. 

Gore stated that abortion “is best dealt with in a way that leaves the principle responsibility to those most affected by it.” (The developing child was notably absent from his “most affected” list.) Stressing that disagreement “doesn’t keep [him] from seeking common ground,” Gore closed by expressing hope that many would be willing to “join together to address global warming, a common threat to born and unborn.” 

Gore’s batting one for two. The life issue extends beyond the womb, but it certainly extends to it as well.

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