Eighteen years ago, a bright and confident young woman in Evansville, Indiana, discovered a personal issue that would cause her high school education to be disrupted and would result in her mother kicking her out of the house. She’d made some bad choices, and she was pregnant. She had one more choice to make, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Should she quietly have an abortion and get on with life quickly, or go through the ridicule and embarrassment of her classmates, the scorn of her mother, the hard months of pregnancy, and the pains of child birth?


To my great joy, this young woman had lunch with a friend of her friend who worked at a local church’s adoption program, and after many hours of talking and crying and hand-wringing, she decided to bear the beautiful little baby girl who would become a member of our family through adoption. It wasn’t easy or convenient, but through the love and counsel of this new Christian friend, a fine teenager made the right choice. She chose life.


Although my oldest daughter will not win the Heisman Trophy, she is bright, confident, and beautiful in her own right. As the country agues over the propriety of the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow, I think about that Evansville teenager who choose life, as well as another young woman three years later who made the same choice and gave birth to my oldest son, who we adopted through the same agency.


Thousands upon thousands of women make the same choice that Pam Tebow and these teenagers made, facing a battery of conflicting counsel, hardships, pains and dashed dreams.


I don’t believe the legality of abortion is an issue of choice but of the strongest moral necessity, but this Super Bowl ad (from what we’ve heard), and my own experience is not about the legality of having a choice, but the morality and ultimate joy of making the right choice.

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