1. Mr Obama promised to fight earmarks. Oops. A little on some of the earmarks in the latest spending … thing.
  2. Mr Obama spoke critically of Mr Bush’s use of signing statements calling them an abuse of power … waits less than 2 months to follow suit.
  3. The Christian carnival is up.
  4. Science and stem cells, two comparable views, here and here, both from supporters of the research.
  5. Underground in Russia.
  6. A second decalogue.
  7. With the economic woes, the gap between rich and poor shrinks yet oddly enough the cheers of those who think that’s important have been mighty quiet on that front.
  8. Modesty and the economy.
  9. Another author to investigate.
  10. A film as well?
  11. Dr and Mr J&H + Tinkerbell?
  12. Signs and portents.
  13. Those type of people” in heaven?
  14. A faith journey, part one of an interview.
  15. Stinking liar!
  16. A generation speaks?
  17. Considering the Frum/Limbaugh matter (and a little pot/kettle action).
  18. A list.
  19. A real Iron Man.
  20. Is Mr Putin a hero of the global warming crowd?
  21. Bailouts and salary caps … and Academe?
  22. Mr Biden remains clueless.

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